Christine Elmassian

Los Angeles, CA

For a period of nearly 3 years, I was suffering from severe pain in my right arm stemming from the shoulder/neck area all the way down to my fingertips. Because I was determined to get to the root of the pain without suppressing with pain meds, I chose the holistic healing route. After 2.5 years of working with many different holistic methods of healing, it was recommended that I work with someone who specialized in Craniosacral Therapy. Reason being was that the only time I could get any relief from the pain was from physical contact to those particular areas. Many times while applying physical contact/pressure, I would also have an emotional reaction simultaneously. Sort of like a physical/emotional release that both went hand in hand. In any event, working with Allison has been truly a miracle. I am happy to say after a series of weekly treatments, I am now nearly pain-free. I knew from the moment I walked into Allison's treatment room that I had found the right place for me! Not only because of who she is as a person, but also as a healer. The work that she does is truly amazing. Bearing in mind that everyone's experience is different, I feel 100% confident entrusting her with any and everything. Rest assured you are in good hands with Allison. Happy Healing, Everyone!

Juliet Riley

Santa Monica, CA

I came to Allison with a lot of stress which was leading to major sleep problems and anxiety issues. After the first session, I was hooked. The experience of relaxation and calm that I get from each session is profound; my anxiety level has come way down and my sleep quality has improved greatly. I highly recommend working with Allison, she's a gifted practitioner.

Rachael Simmons

Santa Monica, CA

I was really struggling with multiple problems at the time I started receiving treatment from Allison. I suffered from weekly bouts of migraines (tension, hormonal and sinus induced), debilitating vertigo, and acute sinus/allergy problems. I committed to eight sessions, never letting more than two weeks go by between treatments. After the fourth session, I started to feel a slow and steady marked decrease in my symptoms. I can honestly say that by the end of the eight weeks whatever was going on inside, causing me such distress, seemed to really balance out and calm down. I was amazed at how much it helped. Truly. My vote for Craniosacral Therapy is that it really works, and Allison has true ‘healer’ hands.”

Lauren C.

Los Angeles, CA

After my first BCST session, I made a commitment to myself to schedule regular treatments and it has paid off. I’m experiencing consistent, slow and steady improvements in my two main concerns: chronic jaw clenching and insomnia. But I’ve also noticed that I’m less emotionally reactive and feel more balanced overall physically as well. Allison is highly knowledgeable, skilled and intuitive in her work, and I feel like a partner in the process. I leave feeling great and that we’ve accomplished something lasting and integrated in myself, not just a temporary fix.


Los Angeles, CA

I feel like this work is helping me get my mojo back.

Dawn Joyal

Santa Monica, CA

The best way to describe treatment is “subtly intense,” like a deep meditation. As a person who experiences life through muscle and bone, everything in my life leading up to working with Allison prepared my system for this experience. I was sensing my yoga practice was dislodging some old baggage. That said, soon after my first two Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy treatments, concepts like potency and resourcing began to resonate and have positive results. Without using many words, Allison is a skilled practitioner who feels her way into your energies. Best way to describe what it feels like: Allison “talks” to my system, gently coaxing it into gentle, healing release.


Burbank, CA

We have been practicing yoga under Allison’s instruction for over five years. Allison is not only an excellent instructor but also has healing hands; I consider it a real privilege to take her class. Her practice is challenging but completely safe. She takes the time to explain each pose thoroughly and the difference between “effort vs. pain”. I whole heartedly recommend Allison’s yoga practice, it is wonderful for the body and soul.”

L. Noble

Valley Village, CA

Allison has been a yoga instructor for our company for the past six years. And for the first six months I resisted going to her classes, as I did not like stretching. I had had low back surgery and lived with pain even after my surgery. A co-worker convinced me to take her classes and it has been the best decision I’ve made. As a result of taking her yoga classes I no longer suffer from back pain, I have more flexibility, a stronger body and better balance. Allison is not only a great yoga instructor; she also has healing hands. I’ve visited her in her private practice for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I was rear-ended in my car last December, and as a result I had a very painful upper back and neck pain that would not go away even after I took pain pills. After my first treatment, I was amazed by how much better I felt when I left her office - the pain had almost disappeared. I continued to see her for a few more sessions until the pain disappeared completely. I highly recommend her practice!

Deana Carter

Studio City, CA

Allison's type of bodywork has made a tremendous difference in my overall healing, emotionally and physically. There were so many things that I had no idea were stored in my body that needed to be supported and released and she is a master at encouraging that healing to happen in the most soothing environment possible! Definitely worth exploring her approach if you want to dig deep and really free up the potential of being your best self. A hidden gem & a MUST in overall well-being.

Aki Farnsworth

Los Angeles, CA

I first visited Allison because I was curious about craniosacral therapy. It has been way beyond what I expected and I have been in love with her work ever since! During a session, I immediately go into a deep meditative state. She has amazing healing hands and I feel warm and comfortable just being there and experience what I experience in each session. I feel recharged, and healing sessions with her have made my life transition smoother.

Emily C.

Marina del Rey, CA

Allison was the answer to our prayers! We’d not done yoga for a while, and were in need of an experienced teacher to come to our home who understood our individual needs. We’re not getting any younger and our bodies had niggling aches and pains. What I love about Allison is she instantly tunes in and will provide a class uniquely tailored to whatever’s going on that day, be it a sore knee or a stiff shoulder. This intuitive approach allows us to feel truly heard and our bodies really cared for. She encourages us to take our time with each pose to make sure our alignment is correct. Each time we stretch a little further with our practice as she supports us in becoming the yogis that we are! Every week we look forward to her arriving with a bright smile, and engaging manner. Her wealth of knowledge and tips on general well-being and diet are also a big plus.


Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Allison throughout my entire pregnancy to manage pregnancy symptoms and stress - the magic that she worked culminated in an incredibly gentle pregnancy, a successful birth experience and ultimately, one seriously easy baby. I really believe I would have had a different pregnancy and a different baby without Allison and Craniosacral Therapy!

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Photography: Michael Shipley